Why you need a supercharged brand personality

Brand personality, schmand personality...

If that's what you're thinking then get ready to continue sucking at business #notsorry

But seriously, brand personality goes waaaay beyond some marketing jargon BS. Knowing how your brand needs to show up is ESSENTIAL to creating a healthy, thriving business. 

And here's just a few reasons why...

It helps you stand out from the crowd

Knowing, crafting and using your brand identity is the easiest way to set yourself apart from every other Joe Blow business out there.

(Because Joe Blow is a terrible business name, and dude is obviously a total snoore-fest!)

Take a look at brands like Koala Mattresses, Go-to skincare and Hey Tiger. All are in relatively crowded market places. And all of them lean heavily on their brand personality to differentiate themselves. 

When you show up with your custom blend of awesome, it's impossible for your competitors to copy.

It sets expectations

It's like when you see a stranger on the street - you take one glance at them and your brain starts painting a picture. Making assumptions. Telling you whether you should approach, ignore or run for your fucking life. 

Thanks to someone's appearance and demeanour, you're able to quickly know what you're dealing with. 

It sets an expectation. And your brain decides for you if this is someone or something you want to engage with.

When you use your personality to set expectations, you can minimise potential headaches down the track. For example, nobody who interacts with Damn Write should be surprised by my potty mouth. 


It helps you stay consistent

Showing up in the same way each time builds trust. The kind of trust it takes for people to want to buy from you. And when you know exactly how you need to be presenting yourself (from tone of voice to visuals), it's a helluva lot easier to do so!


It helps your brand seem human

Humans crave connection. Humans like connecting with other humans. So the more you can humanise your brand (even if it's not a personal brand), the easier it is for your potential customers to form a bond with it. 

Which means they'll be more likely to buy. And to keep coming back (hello higher lifetime value!)


Brand personality increases your likeability

It helps you create a memorable customer experience

Sprinkling your brand personality throughout your customer journey is super powerful.

It makes your brand "sticky" (not like that, you creeper), meaning your customer is more likely to remember you. 

From the first time they find you on social to their order confirmation email - you have to make it count! By adding personality to otherwise plain (and possibly automated) steps, you can continue to build the connection your customer already feels.

Which makes them so much more likely to rave about you to anyone who will listen, engage with your social media marketing and buy that new amazing thing you're launching. 


...I guess when I put it all like that, having a solid brand personality seems like a no brainer, right??

Creating your brand personality is so much easier when you understand why it matters. 

Still scratching your head and wondering what the hell your brand personality is? I got you! Take the quiz to find out: