Can you keep a secret?


you gotta pinky swear you won't go spreading it around...

You seem like the trustworthy type, so here goes nothing:

I might be a teensy bit evil.

But not that murdering psycho kind of evil. More of a calculating (and totally misunderstood) Disney villain. 

Consumer psychology and neuromarketing makes my insides all tingly (TMI?)

I’m Ami Williamson BTW, and I love nothing more than digging into the deeply held beliefs behind why your customers do what they do, and then tapping into that to motivate action.


How do I sleep at night?

Earplugs help.

But also, by knowing that these powers are strictly used to help like-minded businesses reach (and help) more people. 

Using words to get your customers clicking is what I do. Research, brand messaging strategy and damn good copy is my jam.

I'm powered by black coffee and getting results for my clients — it's almost certainly not healthy. But DAMN, it feels good! 

Need a slightly evil genius on your team? 

Ami is a force of creativity. She knows the mechanics of copywriting, but more importantly she captures the personality of a brand and serves it up as words you can’t stop reading (or clicking the buy button). If she’s available, get her on your team. You won’t regret it.
Rob Marsh, Conversion Copywriter

(I’m also too legit to quit)

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