Damn good copy doesn’t just “happen”…



You're not hiring me to sit around and wait for the right words to just magically flow from my fingertips…

Because that’s just gonna lead to a lot of head scratching and Netflix watching.

Instead, I have this proven process that I use to create compelling click-worthy copy (and wait til after hours to binge the latest season of Barry):



Step 1: All up in your bidness

  • You answer a branding questionnaire

  • We have a discovery call, so that you can tell me EVERYTHING there is to know about your biz

  • I dive deep into researching what makes your customers tick

  • Your brand mission, values, personality, tone of voice and key messages are clarified and documented via your Unfair Advantage


Step 2: Gettin' wordy with it

  • I lock the cat out of the office and tap away at my keyboard, whipping research, strategy and brand personality into something that gets your customers clicking

  • You receive the first draft and give feedback

  • You get up to 1 round of light revisions (if needed), followed by external proofreading


Step 3: Shiny happy words that sell

  • Your new copy is ready to be paraded around like a pair of new kicks (ooooh so shiny and pretty and you just wanna marry them but that'd be weird...)

  • I'll check in 2-3 months after your project wraps, to see how it's all going and recommend tweaks if needed



Let's cut the crap, because it’s not just words.

We’re talking finely tuned copy that has been carefully constructed to get inside your potential customer’s head *insert evil laugh here*

So what you’re really getting is messaging that has been researched, speaks to your customers and gets results (Because otherwise, what’s the point?)

Ready to get inside your customers head? 

I would recommend Ami to any biz who struggles to convey their message in a way that appeals to their ideal client.
Lauren Stratford, Seriously Sorted