This is how you wipe out your competition...

By getting clear on your brand identity, knowing what your secret super power is and how to communicate that to your potential customers...

You’ll be Unstoppable.


Unlikely to care what your so-called competition is doing.

Because you’ll be too busy fulfilling orders, planning your next product range and dealing with your legion of loyal brand groupies.

This is where we get clear as vodka on what makes you so damn special, and then distill it down into your own brew of customer-focused MAGIC.



Your evil plan includes:

  • Deep & Meaningful discovery call - We’ll start off by meeting for coffee over Zoom (or wine, whatever you prefer)

  • Brand strategy essentials - get clear on your vision, mission, values & ideal customer

  • Brand character profile - Your brand personality guide + positioning statement 

  • Competitor Analysis - you can't stand out without knowing how everyone else is showing up

  • Ace your content - List of content themes, so you never have to sit around wondering WTF to talk about

  • Brand voice cheat sheet - know exactly what to say and how to say it, so you can show up consistently


Once you've kicked your brand identity crisis to the curb, it becomes easy to show up consistently and build an iconic brand worthy of loyal fans. 

Suddenly everything from marketing and content creation to product development becomes simple. 

Because you know exactly what to say, who to say it to and how to say it.

Ami blitzed my ‘Unfair Advantage’ Brand Positioning. I am constantly referring to it while putting together an upcoming offer. So so so valuable and worth every dollar! If you’re on the fence... don’t hesitate just do it.
— Tahnee Milla, Interior Designer
copy that gets customers buying

PERFECT FOR: Anyone who wants to stand out + be unapologetically themselves (while improving their customer experience, of course!)

The Unfair Advantage doc has been even more useful than I first anticipated as I’ve been able to provide it to others such as photographers etc so they also ‘get me’ before our shoot.
— Lauren Stratford, Seriously Sorted