You poured your heart and soul into your copy.

It's done, it's free from typos and it's not even THAT bad!

But it’s lacking that sumthin’ sumthin’...


Well put the pen down.

Step away from the keyboard.

Put on something other than sweatpants.

And let me work my black magic!


You already know that effective copy needs to excite, entertain and motivate. So send me what you’ve got and I’ll get to work pimping, primping and crimping it (crimping is still cool, right?) til it’s so good you’ll want to print it off and stick it on your fridge.



BUT This isn’t the copy equivalent of Pimp My Ride


XZibit will not show up at your house (maybe you can keep those sweatpants on after all) and start adding a bunch of clever-but-useless shit to your copy.

It’s about making an impact, standing out and inspiring action.

Think Tesla, not 70’s land cruiser with a yoga studio in the back.


If you’d prefer to lose potential customers because they drowned their laptop in sleep drool, this is not for you.


But if you’re a copywriter or business owner who needs next level copy? This is the one's for you:

Absolute pleasure to work with you & I’ll be bending the ears off anyone who needs an amazing copywriter
— Sarina, LovePaperInk