Email list growth that doesn’t rely on discounts



Imagine an opt-in that fills your email list with warm prospects, while also:

👉 Engaging + nurturing potential customers (so that they’re more likely to buy from you)

👉 Being shared across social media (can your 5% off do that?)

👉 Segmenting those leads into relevant buckets (so you can hit ‘em with hyper specific messaging)

That’s the magic of a quiz — interactive, engaging and way more valuable than a discount code or downloadable guide.

So if you're fed up with low quality email subscribers that never actually buy - let’s change all that…


With a click-worthy quiz funnel:

  • Quiz structure and topic

  • Questions + Answers that create an experience AND give you insight into your customers

  • Valuable + highly-sharable results

  • Follow up email nurturing sequence designed to get the most out of those leads

Wanna connect with new leads, share your skills, and grow your brand? Hire Ami. A clear communicator, you can count on her to craft a quiz that shows off your expertise in an engaging way that’s true to you. She asks the right questions to take you from big idea to polished finished product. Open and insightful, Ami makes it fun every step of the way!
Christy Wolff, Copywriter