You spend so much time, effort and cold hard cash sending traffic to your online store…


And for what…?

So that they can order from you once and never return? (was it something you said?)

So that they can sign up for your oh-so-enticing opt-in, only to eternally sit on your list? (tanking your email deliverability)

Or maybe it’s so that they can add a few things to their cart, only to abandon it faster than me dropping my kid off at daycare? (mama’s got work to do, kiddo)

Face it:

You don’t have a traffic problem.

You have a customer experience problem.

You’re sending perfectly good potential customers to a website that doesn’t convert well, blasting them with more of the same ol’ salesy emails they see everywhere, and subjecting them to a buying experience that’s kinda… yawn (at best).

And then wondering where it’s all going wrong...

Step away from the search engine, cause the madness ends here.

ecommerce messaging playbook


This ain’t no fluffy branding BS.

This is how you improve your product marketing, outshine your competitors, and build an iconic brand worthy of loyal customers.

ecommerce quiz lead magnet


Discount codes are cute and all, but what if you had a better way to capture email addresses?

Quiz takers are engaged, warm (segmented!) leads that already have heart eyes for your brand.

ecommerce email flows


You’ve got their email address… now what?

From your welcome and abandoned cart sequences to those underestimated transactional emails — these automated personality-packed sequences are your secret weapon when it comes to increasing sales, LTV and purchase frequency.


Once you’ve got strategic product messaging to leverage, product descriptions that get those visitors clicking and automated email sequences that increase purchase frequency without being spammy

You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

Wish I’d done it earlier.
Emma Mazur, Manflower Co


Then let’s talk.

ecommerce email audit

Not sure what your business needs?

(Or can’t wait 2 months to get on my calendar)

Then a reality check audit might be just what the slightly evil genius ordered.