No more half-assed social media captions, website copy shame, or urge to do literally ANYthing other than write that damn blog post…

Just effective copy that helps you get your biz shit in order!

Knowing how to write copy is essential for running and growing your biz.

You can’t put off marketing your business and expect it to take care of itself (spoiler: it won’t!)

You can’t keep cobbling together random copy advice and expect a decent outcome.

And you can’t half-ass it and expect your audience to keep paying attention.

Who would’ve thought writing a few measly words could be such a pain in the head?

EVERY social media caption. EVERY blog post. E-VER-Y time you try to communicate what you do…

You get stuck.

You can’t possibly outsource everything to a copywriter (the price alone would induce a panic attack)

But you HATE writing it yourself...

It takes SO long! (I don’t have the time for this!)

You never know WTF to say? (pretty sure the oven needs cleaning RIGHT NOW...)

Let alone HOW to say it?! (I sound like a total d%#k!)

And then there’s the ick factor of writing something asking for a sale!

But what if you could learn to write authentic, persuasive and impactful copy that felt like you?



Where you’ll learn the copywriting fundamentals you need to run and grow your biz.

Jammed full of actionable tricks and tips that will get you writing copy that opens wallets - without feeling like a used car salesman.

Inside you’ll find years of copywriting training and experience boiled down into a saucy brew of the essentials:


Module 001: What to say

✔️ How to sell without sleaze - yes, it’s possible!

The unlikely place you’ll find the best copy (hint: it’s not in your own head)

What really matters about what you offer

My fave messaging trick for capturing interest


Module 001: What to say

  • How to sell without sleaze - yes, it’s possible!

  • The unlikely place you’ll find the best copy (hint: it’s not in your own head)

  • What really matters about what you offer

  • My fave messaging trick for capturing interest


Module 002: How to say it

  • How to write attention-grabbing headlines

  • The ONE & ONLY thing your copy needs to do

  • The easy-as-pie way to sound less like a robot and more like YOU

  • How to write copy people actually want to read



  • A proven formula to help banish blank page syndrome forever

  • How to present your copy for maximum impact (& the common mistakes most people make)

  • How to trim the fat and get to the point already

  • The exact way to build trust

In these short video lessons, you’ll learn key takeaways that’ll improve your copy - FAST!

…So that you can smash out effective copy that creates a connection, helps you reach more people and sells what you offer.

And for a fraction of the cost of hiring a copywriter (unless you wanna drop $5,700 to work together?)

Learn to write your own Damn Good Copy instead so you can stop standing in the way of your own biz success.

Dive into Module 1 as soon as you sign up, and in less time than it takes to watch another episode of Riverdale, you’ll be crystal-ball-clear on the key messages your potential buyers want to hear from you.

<Student testimonial re: wins>

Take advantage of the same process that has helped <brand> achieve <result>

master the most important skill
you need to improve your business

13 bite-sized video training lessons

  • DGC Workbook, so you don’t miss a thing

  • Writing + editing checklists to help you implement what you learn

  • Attention-grabbing headline swipe file

  • Private community of equally awesome peeps

One payment of 597 USD [best value badge]

Or 7 payments of 99 USD [monthly badge]


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And because risk-taking is for chumps, you also get The Damn Good Guarantee: [Guarantee graphic]

Sign up to Damn Good Copy and give it a good shot, and if within the first 7 days you’re sure it’s not going to help you write better copy, simply email and request a refund.



I’m Ami - writer of conversion-focused copy, lover of a good laugh and slightly evil genius.

And I’ve helped brands amp up their personality, stand out in a noisy marketplace and keep their customers coming back for more… all through copy.



I’ve designed Damn Good Copy for anyone who needs to write their copy for their own business or their clients. People like:

  • Creative entrepreneurs

  • Coaches

  • Business owners

  • VAs

  • Social media managers

Ami is a force of creativity. She knows the mechanics of copywriting, but more importantly she captures the personality of a brand and serves it up as words you can’t stop reading (or clicking the buy button).
— Rob Marsh, Conversion Copywriter

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If you get your butt inside DGC, by this time next month you’ll:

  • Have a solid roadmap to writing better copy (the kind that attracts loyal brand fans)

  • Understand what motivates your dream clients (so you can better serve them)

  • Be able to confidently talk about what you offer (because clarity = confidence)

  • No longer be putting off those all-important-business-growing tasks because they involve writing copy (spoiler alert: future you is actually *good* at it!)

So here's the deal. You have 3 options:

1) Hire a copywriter

Which involves finding your copywriter soulmate, paying them a princely sum and then still banging your head against the desk as you attempt to write that last minute email.

2) Keep plugging away at it yourself

Which usually leads to last minute attempts, average copy and less than average results. Or even worse, costing your business by avoiding it altogether <shock emoji>

3) Secure yourself a spot in DGC

And arm yourself with the fundamentals you need to bang out solid copy -- even if you think you’re a “terrible writer”

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When is Damn Good Copy starting?

When you sign up you’ll have access to Module 1 immediately. Further modules will be released weekly.

What’s the deal with early access?

As a founding member you’ll be one of the first to get access to Damn Good Copy. In it you’ll learn the same copywriting fundamentals I use to help my clients (& grow my own biz).

Because this is the first iteration, you’re getting in for a never-gonna-be-this-low-again price. Your feedback will help improve DGC and you’ll get lifetime access to all future upgrades.

What’s included in Damn Good Copy?

It’ll cover the essentials to writing better copy - things like attention-grabbing headlines and how to find the right words to make an impact.

I’m not sure I have time for this?

You can binge the course in an hour (and that’s without speeding up the videos). There are no long-winded lessons that just leave you with a fuzzy head — just short videos that give you the exact things to focus on when writing your copy.

How can I access the course?

The course will be available on Teachable - a super user-friendly platform.

Who is this for?

One question: Do ya own a business? Then this is for you.

Copywriting is the most important skill any business owner can master - nothing can have the same impact as the ability to write copy that builds trust and opens wallets.

I’m a Copywriter. Is this course suitable for me?

It depends on your skill and knowledge level, but most likely not. Damn Good Copy covers copywriting fundamentals. But if you’re a bit of a copy newbie and want coaching email me ( - I’m always looking for people to work with.

Can’t I just hire a copywriter to do this for me?

Sure you can, sugar!

But here’s the thing: even if you hire a copywriter to write your website copy, or an email sequence… that’s never going to be the last bit of copy your business needs written.

And us copywriters are expensive! (not to mention usually booked out in advance)

But beyond the cost of it, it’s essential that you know how to communicate with your customers in a way that makes them feel heard.

How long will I need to put aside for this?


That’s why these lessons are SHORT, to the point and actionable - think quick wins that you can take and use to improve your copy NOW!

There are no strict times or dates - complete it when and where you want!

What if I want a refund?

No problemo! Give Damn Good Copy a shot, and if it doesn’t help you write better copy… simply email me within the first 7 days and I’ll refund you. Once refunded you’ll no longer have access to the course content, community or any future upgrades.

Get EARLY ACCESS to Damn Good Copy
+ all future ugrades: