The 12 Brand Personality Archetypes

Below you’ll find a definitive list of the 12 brand personality archetypes.

Your archetypes (primary & secondary) can be used to influence everything — your visuals, your voice, the vibe you want customers to get from dealing with you.

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Your brand comes across as friendly, genuinely wanting to connect with your customers. Focus on that connection and use the innate human qualities of your brand personality to build trust.

Traits: Down-to-earth, honest and generally upbeat.

Core desire: Loyalty

Pros: You're seen as relatable, and customers tend to trust you.

Cons: Can be hard to stand out when you just want to blend in

Examples of Classic brands: Wrangler, Home Depot, VW


Your brand is naturally empathetic and helpful, which leaves consumers feeling cared for. Focus on nurturing customer relationships and providing a high-quality customer experience.

Traits: Compassionate, generous and caring

Core Desire: Serving others

Pros: You make the world a better place!

Cons: You risk burnout by putting everyone else first

Examples of Nurturer brands: The Salvation Army, Dove, Unicef


Your brand is seen as groundbreaking and brave, forging new paths. Focus on how you help your customers "find themselves".

Traits: Independent, authentic and ambitious

Core Desire: Freedom

Pros: Your enthusiasm and energy is contagious - empowering customers to seek adventure

Cons: You can come across as reckless and risk getting lost in your search for meaning

Examples of Adventurer brands: NASA, National Geographic, Patagonia


Your brand is an eternal optimist, always seeing the good in people and life . Focus on simple pleasures, happiness and wholesomeness.

Traits: Compassionate, honest and reliable

Core Desire: To experience paradise

 Pros: You offer simplicity, hope and happiness in an busy world

 Cons: Innocent brands tend to struggle with charging premium prices

 Examples of Innocent brands: Coca Cola, Dove, Taylor Swift


Your brand is intelligent, trust-worthy and exclusive, which leaves customers feeling special. Focus on research, freedom of thought and continuing to develop your expertise.

Traits: Wise, Objective and Dignified

Core Desire: Understanding through knowledge

Pros: You natural position yourself as an expert, and build trust further by educating consumers

Cons: Your refusal to "dumb things down" can leave outsides feeling stupid, you easily get stuck in your need to analyse everything

Examples of Sage brands: TED, Smithsonian, Harvard University


Your brand was born to be in charge, wanting to avoid chaos by taking control. As an innately timeless and high quality brand, Rulers tend to speak to their customers desire to be important and successful.


Traits: Refined, Authoritarian, Protective

Core Desire: Control

Pros: Your love of rules and procedures mean you set high expectations (& exceed them)

Cons: You can be seen as rigid, slow to adapt and maybe a little bit bossy (even if you mean well)

Examples of Ruler brands: Microsoft, British Airways, Rolex


You’re known for your innovation and vision - helping dismantle what was and replacing it with something better. Your customers see their purchases as a form of self-expression… so they’re drawn to beauty and high-quality.

Traits: Expressive, artistic and imaginative

Core Desire: Innovation

Pros: You provide an outlet for self-expression, giving customers an escape

Cons: Perfectionism can get in the way of execution… sometimes done is better than perfect!

Examples of Creator brands: Apple, Crayola, Pinterest, Adobe


Romantic brands value close relationships, including familial, friendship and spiritual. Focus on delighting your customers by enticing their senses and ensure they feel not just appreciated, but loved. Your marketing efforts should have a strong emotional appeal. 

Traits: Passionate, indulgent and elegant

Core Desire: Connection, intimacy

Pros: You tap into a human desire for connection, making customers feel special and cared for

Cons: You can easily fall into the trap of trying too hard to please people, passion can lead to jealousy (AKA competitiveness), indulgence can be seen as frivolous

Examples of Romantic brands: Victoria’s secret, Chanel & Haagan Daas


Your brand comes across as competent and powerful. Your resolve naturally attracts high-achievers - both actual and aspiring.

 Traits: Courageous, strong & disciplined

Core Desire: Honor

Pros: You’re seen as reliable and trustworthy, you inspire others to dream big and do better

Cons: Your desire to leave your mark on the world often goes hand in hand with great personal sacrifice, you can also come across as arrogant and unforgiving

Examples of Hero brands: Nike, Adidas, MiGoals


Your brand comes across as disruptive, questioning the status quo and shaking things up. You bring about (sometimes much needed) change by destroying what doesn't work... and replacing it with something better.

Traits: Disruptive, revolutionary, bold

Core Desire: Idealism / Justice

Pros: Your passion is contagious, and your ability to disrupt the norm can lead to innovative change.

Cons: Rebels can come across as angry and self-destructive, taking unnecessary risks in their pursuit of being “different”.

Examples of Rebel brands: Harley Davidson, Virgin and MTV


Also known as a Magician, your brand comes across as empowering, intuitive and innovative. Focus on crafting magical-feeling experiences that leave your customers awe-struck.

Traits: Transformative, visionary, powerful

Core Desire: Curiosity

Pros: There’s something magnetic about your brand… it feels significant, like it can harness invisible forces and empower people to transform.

Cons: Believability is your biggest concern - transformation can be hard to prove. Can also come across as manipulative and untrustworthy.

Examples of Alchemist brands: Disney, MAC cosmetics and Dyson


Your brand comes across as entertaining, which makes people naturally want to interact with it. Focus on showing up consistently and creating an enjoyable experience for your customers at every touch point.

Traits: Bold, vibrant and a whole lot of fun!

Core Desire: Enjoyment

Pros: Customers will keep coming back for more

Cons: You can be seen as irreverent and unprofessional 

Examples of fun brands: Go-To Skincare, Who Gives A Crap and M&Ms

…Thats it! All 12 Archetypes. Chances are you have a primary archetype (and it might even be super obvious), and then a secondary archetype (that you might see little hints of).


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